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Demand the City of East Point to Adopt Model Standard Operating Procedures!  Read more here

The recent release of Atlanta Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures do not go far enough to protect trans and gender nonconforming people! Demand the Atlanta Police Department to amend their Trans Interaction Standard Operating Procedures and adopt the Model Standard Operating Procedures for the City of Atlanta!  Read more here.

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 SNaP Coaltion's Call to Action Regarding Anti-Trans* Assault on MARTA and TAKE ACTION!


Anchored by the Racial Justice Action Center, La Gender and (Trans)forming the SNaP Coalition is working to build power among those who are targeted by the Atlanta Police Department – especially Trans* and gender non conforming folks of color, current and former street level sex workers and formerly incarcerated people – and transform the way the City of Atlanta crafts and implements its policies, practices and laws related to street level sex work.   Instead of BANISHMENT, longer jail sentences and higher fines we are fighting for policies and laws that:

  • Utilize treatment programs, services, and opportunities as a response to survival sex work, not jail time;
  • Emphasize holistic wraparound services for people including job training, educational programs, health care, housing, etc;
  • Draw from evidence-based best practices around the country (including previous programs in Atlanta).

Have you been harassed or mistreated by police?  Do you want the city to invest in Solutions Not Punishment?  Contact Dean Steed ( or Toni-Michelle Williams ( to get involved with the SNaP Coalition.

Visit the SNaP Coalition's website here.


The Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP) Coalition formed in January 2013 in response to a proposed Atlanta City Council ordinance that would have imposed even steeper fines, fees and jail time and BANISHED those convicted of street level sex work.  The Racial Justice Action Center and Women on the Rise successfully brought together a coalition of formerly incarcerated women, former street level sex workers, and Trans* women and men who are often targeted and harassed by police, alongside other neighborhood residents and businesses to stop this ordinance.  Through grassroots pressure we were able to halt the ordinance and force the Mayor’s office to establish an official Working Group to Reduce Prostitution to look at holistic solutions. As a result of our organizing work, the Racial Justice Action Center was officially appointed a seat on the Working Group and our representative has convened a subcommittee of the Working Group to study and propose a Community Based Diversion Program that is modeled after the Seattle LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) program.  In October 2013 two members of the SNaP Coalition joined representatives from the City of Atlanta and Atlanta Police Department in a delegation to Seattle to learn more about the LEAD program. (See more about the Atlanta Community Diversion Program Below.)

Over the past six months we have studied best practices models across the country, educated our communities about these models and gathered feedback through community meetings to develop our own proposal for Atlanta.  We continue to organize, grow our coalition and pressure elected officials to adopt and implement the Atlanta Community Based Diversion Model.  Learn More about the Atlanta Community Based Diversion Program HERE


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