About RJAC

Our Organizing Model

RJAC’s model of organizing emphasizes deep leadership development to facilitate transformation on an individual, community and societal level.  This approach is being developed by seasoned organizers who have identified the strengths and weaknesses of traditional social justice organizing and are working to create a model that is more effective, sustainable, democratic and is led by poor and working class people of color.  We are working very hard to build a people-centered organization that deeply understands the role of healing, trauma, and oppression (internalized and externalized) in our communities and organizations and which seeks to practice what it preaches in terms of democracy, transparency, and building a culture of empowerment.

History and Accomplishments

The Racial Justice Action Center is less than one year old but has already successfully launched Women on the Rise (a grassroots organizing project for formerly incarcerated women and women wtih records), a Transformative Organizing Institute (a leadership development and somatic training series), and the Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP) Coalition campaign to win implementation of a local diversion program for people arrested for street level sex work that provides substance abuse, mental health and job training support to those in need.